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Curious About CBD and What It Is? Here’s A Brief Breakdown…


December 10, 2018

Since the beginning of 2013 there has been an increased interest in the medicinal use of cannabis and what CBD oil is good for. There has been several publications to the effect specifically for the use of cannabidiol or what is commonly referred to as CBD oil. There have been reports that CBD has been known to treat some rare conditions of epilepsy like Dravet Syndrome, infantile spasms, Doose syndrome cortical dysplasia to mention but a few. Before getting into the complexities of how the conditions are treated, it is important to learn about CBD oil and the process through which it is extracted.

What is CBD oil?

For those that might not be aware, CBD oil, specifically hemp-derived CBD are extracts that are obtained from industrial hemp plants. CBD is one of the constituents which naturally occur in the cannabis plant. CO2 is used in extracting a solvent-free and pure extract. From the extract, industries are able to make different products with different properties.

What can CBD do?

There are a lot of benefits that users of the CBD oil have claimed to experience. As mentioned above, CBD has been known to have a significant effect on people with rare epileptic conditions.  There have been positive reports that CBD oil is able to reduce the seizures to less than two to three per month.

There are actually medical reports that support the above claims. One of such reports is a documentary that was done by Sanjay Gupta on August 11, 2013, about Charlotte Figi. Charlotte is a Dravet Syndrome who used to have over 300 seizures per week. She had tried several pharmaceuticals without getting the help she desperately needed. When her parents learned about the benefits of CBD oil, they decided to give it a trial. Within the first stages of trying out the products, Charlotte’s seizures had dramatically reduced to a mere three or four in a month. This is actually one of the many positive reports that have been made concerning the many benefits of CBD.

Below are some of the other benefits that CBD oil users will get to enjoy:

There is a full spectrum of the many benefits that you can enjoy with CBD oil. It has been known to work wonders in so many areas of your body. Read on…

Healthy Balance

If you embark on a supplemental regime of CBD oil, it may assist you in bringing back a healthy balance to your endocannabinoid system.

Mental and brain health

Hemp oil has been known to have some beneficial advantages that will help in improving the receptors in the brain. This will at the end improve the wellness and health of your brain. This will go a long way in improving the reception and performance of your brain.

The beauty of using CBD oil is that there are little side effects that the user will have to worry about. Since they are just extracts, there are few additives if any. This means that they are naturally occurring products and therefore, there are little effects that the user will experience. Again, CBD oils are target-specific which means that they will only attack the condition that the patient has and not any other part of their body. These oils are quite effective in that the user may experience improved benefits within just a few days after the initial use. There have been reports that some people’s conditions have improved within the very first dose.

From the above reports, it is without a doubt that there are numerous benefits that CBD oil may provide.  You shouldn’t, therefore, continue suffering in silence when there may be a natural solution within CBD oil.

 As always, please make sure to consult with your Doctor prior to using CBD and make sure it is safe for your immediate conditions. 

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